Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure for me to announce the 12th International Vanadium SymposiumV12, held in November 2020 in Limassol, Cyprus.  We are honored to host V12 in our country.

V12 follows the previous successful symposia held in Cancun - Mexico (1997), Berlin - Germany (1999), Osaka - Japan (2001), Szeged - Hungury (2004), San Francisco -USA (2006), Lisbon – Portugal (2008), Toyama – Japan (2010), Arlington – USA (2012), Padua – Italy (2014), Taipei – Taiwan (2016) and Montevideo -Uruguay (2018).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I cordially invite you to participate in this upcoming exciting event.

This interdisciplinary event gathers vanadium researchers from all over the world involved in various research topics including coordination chemistry, speciation, batteries, novel V-containing materials, catalysis, biological chemistry, enzymology, vanadium-based drugs, therapeutic applications, toxicology and environmental/occupational exposure to V agents.

Vanadium Symposiums provide a platform for researchers, from all over the world, working with vanadium species to present the latest developments in vanadium science, to find opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration, tο build new collaborations, to share experience, to have simulating discussions, to inspire new researchers, and set the future targets of vanadium research.

In addition, this Symposium will certainly offer an excellent opportunity to all to visit Cyprus, a multicultural small island that combine cultures from Europe, Asia and Africa, to discuss science and have fan in a like home environment, enjoying the Cypriot hospitality.

I look forward to see you in Cyprus in November 2020!!


Prof. Anastasios Keramidas
Chair of V12
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus